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Let's Educate!

In an industry that is always changing, never stop learning. We offer online and in person courses to help you uplevel your skill set on your terms.

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Official Elleebana Trainer Number #TR16735

If you’re considering taking a lash lift class, I highly recommend Taya. Taya was a fabulous trainer who was informative, kind and patient. She teaches great techniques, covered all subjects from the book and was very knowledgeable during class.

 Her tips and tricks showed me how to do a lash lift and tint efficiently. I recieved positive feedback during and after my models and I left feeling well taught! Thank you Taya for the opportunity to work with you!

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The girls said the class was fantastic!!! They learned so much and had so many questions answered!!! I have even had a couple of the models reach out and say how much they loved it and will be back for the service in the future!

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